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Iodine in PDB, part 7 (301-350), PDB files 2ow0 - 2x4b

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Iodine (I) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Iodine atoms.
PDB files 301-350 (2ow0 - 2x4b):
  1. 2ow0 - Mmp-9 Active Site Mutant With Iodine-Labeled Carboxylate Inhibitor
  2. 2oyy - Hthp: A Hexameric Tyrosine-Coordinated Heme Protein
  3. 2p4m - High pH Structure of RTMS5 H146S Variant
  4. 2p71 - Bombyx Mori Pheromone Binding Protein Bound to Iodohexadecane
  5. 2pfi - Crystal Structure Of The Cytoplasmic Domain of the Human Chloride Channel Clc-Ka
  6. 2pik - Calicheamicin GAMMA1I-Dna Complex, uc(Nmr), 6 Structures
  7. 2pin - Thyroid Receptor Beta in Complex With Inhibitor
  8. 2pit - Androgen Receptor Lbd With Small Molecule
  9. 2piu - Androgen Receptor Lbd With Small Molecule
  10. 2piv - Androgen Receptor With Small Molecule
  11. 2piw - Androgen Receptor With Small Molecule
  12. 2pkl - Androgen Receptor Lbd With Small Molecule
  13. 2pum - Crystal Structure of Bovine Lactoperoxidase Complex With Catechol and Iodide At 2.7 A Resolution
  14. 2pvi - Pvuii Endonuclease Complexed to An Iodinated Cognate Dna
  15. 2q2k - Structure of Nucleic-Acid Binding Protein
  16. 2q2l - Crystal Structure of Superoxide Dismutase From P. Atrosanguina
  17. 2q7r - Crystal Structure Of Human Flap With An Iodinated Analog of Mk-591
  18. 2qc5 - Streptogramin B Lyase Structure
  19. 2qch - Crystal Structure Of the Orotidine-5'-Monophosphate Decarboxylase Domain of Human Ump Synthase Bound to 5-Iodo-Ump
  20. 2qhx - Structure of Pteridine Reductase From Leishmania Major Complexed With A Ligand
  21. 2qnp - Hiv-1 Protease in Complex With A Iodo Decorated Pyrrolidine- Based Inhibitor
  22. 2qpk - Crystal Structure Of the Complex of Bovine Lactoperoxidase With Salicylhydroxamic Acid At 2.34 A Resolution
  23. 2qpy - Ar Lbd With Small Molecule
  24. 2qqt - Crystal Structure Of the Complex of Bovine Lactoperoxidase With Acetyl Salicylic Acid At 2.5 A Resolution
  25. 2qx8 - Crystal Structure of Quinone Reductase II
  26. 2qx9 - Crystal Structure of Quinone Reductase II
  27. 2r1q - Crystal Structure of Iodinated Human Saposin D in Space Group C2221
  28. 2r5l - Crystal Structure of Lactoperoxidase At 2.4A Resolution
  29. 2ram - A Novel Dna Recognition Mode By Nf-Kb P65 Homodimer
  30. 2rez - Tetracenomycin Aro/Cyc Nai Structure
  31. 2riw - The Reactive Loop Cleaved Human Thyroxine Binding Globulin Complexed With Thyroxine
  32. 2rox - Transthyretin (Also Called Prealbumin) Complex With Thyroxine (T4)
  33. 2v8i - Structure of A Family 2 Pectate Lyase in A Native Form
  34. 2va5 - X-Ray Crystal Structure of Beta Secretase Complexed With Compound 8C
  35. 2va6 - X-Ray Crystal Structure of Beta Secretase Complexed With Compound 24
  36. 2va7 - X-Ray Crystal Structure of Beta Secretase Complexed With Compound 27
  37. 2vbv - Riboflavin Kinase MJ0056 From Methanocaldococcus Jannaschii in Complex With Cdp and Fmn
  38. 2vg7 - Crystal Structures of Hiv-1 Reverse Transcriptase Complexes With Thiocarbamate Non-Nucleoside Inhibitors
  39. 2vgz - Crystal Structure of Human Kynurenine Aminotransferase II
  40. 2vlw - Crystal Structure of the Muscarinic Toxin MT7 DIIODOTYR51 Derivative.
  41. 2vma - The Three-Dimensional Structure Of The Cytoplasmic Domains Of Epsf From the Type 2 Secretion System of Vibrio Cholerae
  42. 2vuw - Structure of Human Haspin Kinase Domain
  43. 2w7y - Structure of A Streptococcus Pneumoniae Solute-Binding Protein in Complex With the Blood Group A-Trisaccharide.
  44. 2w86 - Crystal Structure of Fibrillin-1 Domains CBEGF9HYB2CBEGF10, Calcium Saturated Form
  45. 2wab - Structure Of An Active Site Mutant of A Family Two Carbohydrate Esterase From Clostridium Thermocellum in Complex With Celluohexase
  46. 2wk6 - Structural Features of Native Human Thymidine Phosphorylase and in Complex With 5-Iodouracil
  47. 2wko - Structure of Metal Loaded Pathogenic SOD1 Mutant G93A.
  48. 2wpo - Hcmv Protease Inhibitor Complex
  49. 2wq2 - GCN4 Leucine Zipper Mutant With Three Ixxntxx Motifs Coordinating Iodide
  50. 2x4b - Barley Limit Dextrinase in Complex With Beta-Cyclodextrin


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