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    PDB 3hhc-3njb
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Iodine in PDB, part 10 (451-500), PDB files 3hhc - 3njb

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Iodine (I) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Iodine atoms.
PDB files 451-500 (3hhc - 3njb):
  1. 3hhc - Interferon-Lambda Is Functionally An Interferon But Structurally Related to the Il-10 Family
  2. 3hnw - Crystal Structure Of A Basic Coiled-Coil Protein of Unknown Function From Eubacterium Eligens Atcc 27750
  3. 3hot - Crystal Structure of the MOS1 Mariner Paired End Complex With Mn
  4. 3hr6 - Structure of the Corynebacterium Diphtheriae Major Pilin Spaa Points to A Modular Pilus Assembly Stabilizing Isopeptide Bonds
  5. 3i5l - Allosteric Modulation of Dna By Small Molecules
  6. 3i6n - Mode Of Binding Of the Tuberculosis Prodrug Isoniazid to Peroxidases: Crystal Structure of Bovine Lactoperoxidase With Isoniazid At 2.7 Resolution
  7. 3i6o - Crystal Structure of Wild Type Hiv-1 Protease With Macrocyclic Inhibitor Grl-0216A
  8. 3i7t - Crystal Structure Of RV2704, A Member of Highly Conserved Yjgf/YER057C/UK114 Family, From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  9. 3id2 - Crystal Structure of Rsep PDZ2 Domain
  10. 3iq7 - Crystal Structure of Human Haspin in Complex With 5-Iodotubercidin
  11. 3iww - Crystal Structure of Human Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II (Gcpii) in A Complex With Dbibzl, A Urea-Based Inhibitor
  12. 3jtn - Crystal Structure Of the C-Terminal Domain of Ypbh
  13. 3jtp - Crystal Structure Of the C-Terminal Domain of Meca
  14. 3jzb - Crystal Structure of Tr-Alfa Bound to the Selective Thyromimetic Triac
  15. 3jzc - Crystal Structure of Tr-Beta Bound to the Selective Thyromimetic Triac
  16. 3k0x - Crystal Structure of Telomere Capping Protein TEN1 From Saccharomyces Pombe
  17. 3k2x - Crystal Structure of 2C-Methyl-D-Erythritol 2,4-Cyclodiphosphate Synthase From Burkholderia Pseudomallei in Complex With 5'-Iodo- Cytosine
  18. 3k70 - Crystal Structure Of the Complete Initiation Complex of Recbcd
  19. 3k9g - Crystal Structure of A Plasmid Partition Protein From Borrelia Burgdorferi At 2.25A Resolution, Iodide Soak
  20. 3kcx - Factor Inhibiting Hif-1 Alpha in Complex With Clioquinol
  21. 3km3 - Crystal Structure of Eoxycytidine Triphosphate Deaminase From Anaplasma Phagocytophilum At 2.1A Resolution
  22. 3krq - Crystal Structure Of the Complex of Lactoperoxidase With A Potent Inhibitor Amino-Triazole At 2.2A Resolution
  23. 3ks7 - Crystal Structure of Putative Peptide:N-Glycosidase F (Pngase F) (YP_210507.1) From Bacteroides Fragilis Nctc 9343 At 2.30 A Resolution
  24. 3kxf - Crystal Structure of SB27 Tcr in Complex With the 'Restriction Triad' Mutant Hla-B*3508-13MER
  25. 3kxn - Crystal Structure of Z. Mays CK2 Kinase Alpha Subunit in Complex With the Inhibitor Tetraiodobenzimidazole (K88)
  26. 3kz8 - Diversity in Dna Recognition By P53 Revealed By Crystal Structures With Hoogsteen Base Pairs (P53-Dna Complex 3)
  27. 3l72 - Chicken Cytochrome BC1 Complex With Kresoxym-I-Dimethyl Bound
  28. 3l8l - Gramicidin D Complex With Sodium Iodide
  29. 3la9 - Crystal Structure of the Trimeric Autotransporter Adhesin Head Domain Bpaa From Burkholderia Pseudomallei, Iodide Phased
  30. 3lb1 - Two-Site Competitive Inhibition in Dehaloperoxidase-Hemoglobin
  31. 3lmt - Crystal Strucutre of Dtd From Plasmodium Falciparum
  32. 3lmu - Crystal Strucutre of Dtd From Plasmodium Falciparum
  33. 3lnx - Second Pdz Domain From Human PTP1E
  34. 3lr0 - Periplasmic Domain of the Riss Sensor Protein From Burkholderia Pseudomallei, Iodide Phased At Low pH
  35. 3lr5 - Periplasmic Domain of the Riss Sensor Protein From Burkholderia Pseudomallei, Iodide Phased At Neutral pH
  36. 3luz - Crystal Structure of Extragenic Suppressor Protein Suhb From Bartonella Henselae, Via Combined Iodide Sad Molecular Replacement
  37. 3lvu - Crystal Structure of Abc Transporter, Periplasmic Substrate-Binding Protein SPO2066 From Silicibacter Pomeroyi
  38. 3m6m - Crystal Structure Of Rpff Complexed With Rec Domain of Rpfc
  39. 3mbl - Crystal Structure of the Human Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase 1 (Mek 1) in Complex With Ligand and Mgadp
  40. 3mcb - Crystal Structure Of Nac Domains of Human Nascent Polypeptide- Associated Complex (Nac)
  41. 3mce - Crystal Structure Of the Nac Domain Of Alpha Subunit of Nascent Polypeptide-Associated Complex(Nac)
  42. 3mcw - Crystal Structure Of An A Putative Hydrolase of the Isochorismatase Family (CV_1320) From Chromobacterium Violaceum Atcc 12472 At 1.06 A Resolution
  43. 3men - Crystal Structure of Acetylpolyamine Aminohydrolase From Burkholderia Pseudomallei, Iodide Soak
  44. 3mgl - Crystal Structure of Permease Family Protein From Vibrio Cholerae
  45. 3mih - Oxidized (CU2+) Peptidylglycine Alpha-Hydroxylating Monooxygenase (Phm) With Bound Azide, Obtained in the Presence of Substrate
  46. 3msk - Fragment Based Discovery and Optimisation of Bace-1 Inhibitors
  47. 3msl - Fragment Based Discovery and Optimisation of Bace-1 Inhibitors
  48. 3msm - Fragment Based Discovery and Optimisation of Bace-1 Inhibitors
  49. 3mxf - Crystal Structure Of The First Bromodomain of Humand BRD4 in Complex With the Inhibitor JQ1
  50. 3njb - Crystal Structure of Enoyl-Coa Hydratase From Mycobacterium Smegmatis, Iodide Soak


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