Chemical elements
    PDB 1a31-1hc0
    PDB 1hc9-1nq2
    PDB 1nuo-1tf9
    PDB 1tha-2anx
    PDB 2aqw-2gs7
    PDB 2gsq-2ojv
    PDB 2ow0-2x4b
    PDB 2x4c-3d7f
    PDB 3d7h-3h1k
    PDB 3hhc-3njb
    PDB 3nsj-3vg2
    PDB 3vg6-4gdu

Iodine Applications


Iodine and its compounds are used basically in medicine and analytical chemistry, in organic synthesis and in photography. Iodine industrious applications are not enhanced yet, but may be developed. Iodides are constituent part of high-purity alloys production.

Iodine is used in pharmaceuticals, antiseptics and antifungal medications, in antiphlogistic treatment. Iodine is also used in the internal treatment for thyroid metabolism support. Small iodine doses inhibit the thyroid functions affecting on thyreotrophin function of anterior lobe of hypophysis. Iodine affects also on lipids and Iodine radioactive isotopes - 125I, 131I, 132I, and others are extensively used in biology and medicine in thyroid diagnostics which is based on iodine property to concentrate selectively in thyroid and in suppression of the cells functionality via beta-radiation emitted by iodine isotopes.

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